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We do not sell spares to the US or Canada as US and Canadian owners can use the MacKissic dealer network for parts.

To order using a Credit card, Debit card or  pay-pal use the shopping basket buttons (to the right of each item). Please note that the postage charged is for UK destinations only. Overseas buyers please Ask before ordering.

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During the Covid outbreak I will not be posting packages every day, so some deliveries will be delayed.

The clutch will have been adjusted as the old belt wore and stretched. When you fit a new belt you must re-adjust the clutch to suit it.

Merry Tiller belts etc.

Please check engine pulley diameter and dimensions X and Y on the drawing below. We stock the standard rubber cased type (economy) and cloth covered drive belts specifically recommended for pre 1983 and US Merry Tillers. Atco used "moulded notch" type belts from 1983 so we supply this type of belt for 1983 onwards machines. While stocks last, some genuine Atco/Webb belts, may be sent. If you are unsure of which model you have, check the History page of the website. Whilst models of the same era tend to look alike, the four ditinct eras, front fuel tank, rear fuel tank circa 1968 to 78, 78 to 83 and 83 onwards machines, are very different. Important, as belts changed with each era.

Part No.

Description Price Special Notes.
MT.701 Steel guide for belt, fits Major/Professional 58-78 without reverse 12 May not fit if non standard engine substituted.
MT.777 2" dia crankshaft pulley, fits all models except Titan and GT. Pressed steel, rather than the machined version of the original, so can't be used with the early 1960s "back out" reverse accessory. 12.50 Only fits the original type 3/4" dia crankshaft with 3/16" keyway.
MT.333 Clutch skate wheel fits Major to 83, Wizard/Cadet/B66 and Professional 12.50  
MT.3594/6 Clutch jockey pulley rebuild kit for Titan to 83, Kit consists of two needle roller bearings and grease seal. 15 Please ensure that the axle pin is OK before ordering as it is not available.
MT.329 Drive Belt fits Major with front mounted fuel tank 58-68 and Professional 61-onwards. Also fits Major, Super Major 78 to 84 and Titan low speed 78-84 (AC3414 to AC3444)

Cloth 20

If X on drawing is 13 inches and Y 10.5 inches or if X on drawing is 15 inches and Y 8.5 inches, use this belt. Provided engine pulley is 2 inch diameter.
MT.3371 Drive Belt fits Majors with fuel tank at rear of engine to 78, Titan low speed pulleys 68-78 and Super Major 76-78. Also fits US made Suburban model previously sold as Westmac and Allen Tiller (see photo on my home page).

Cloth 20

If X on drawing is 14 inches and Y 10.5 inches use this belt. Provided engine pulley is 2 inch diameter.
MT.2292 Drive belt fits Titan and 5hp GT high speed pulleys. (Shorter belt) 68-78 Cloth 20 High speed engine pulley should be 3 inches in diameter. Will not fit later Titans with reverse gear.
EC.0399A Drive belt fits 7hp Titan GT Model AC3454 high speed pulleys. (Shorter belt) 78-83 Cloth 20 Will not fit 5hp Titans and GTs.
W25496 Moulded notch Drive Belt for the "plastic guard type" Webb/Atco Major, Centaur, Super Major, Spartan & Titan (low speed) 84-90 Notched 20 This is the forward drive belt. If X on drawing is circa 15 inches and Y 8.5 inches use this belt.
W27162 Moulded notch Reverse Drive Belt for the "plastic guard type" Webb/Atco Centaur and Super Major Notched 20 This is the reverse drive belt,  it fits on a pulley attached to the camshaft.
W27295 Moulded notch High speed Drive Belt for the "plastic guard type" Webb/Atco Titan Special offer, a large number of genuine Atco Titan belts have turned up in Atco's stores, we have bought them all and can offer them at a special, low price. Notched 6 This belt fits on the 3.25" pulley driving the 6" one.
W25629 Drive Belt for the Cadet, Webb Wizard and Qualcast B66. Also fits 1978-80 Titan with 3" dia high speed pulley 20 If X on drawing is 13.75 inches and Y 8.5 inches use this belt. Provided engine pulley is 2 inch diameter.
MT.2172 Drive Belt for the US made International Tiller, from 2009 known as the Super Major Pro Also fits early Sickle Mower with blade driven by a crankshaft and connecting rod, 18" Rotary Mower attachment and Qualcast Cultimatic except B66. 20 The International has double v-belt drive so two of these belts per machine. US part number 608-0020. Qualcast part number L17249.
MT.3511 Guide for belt, fits Titan 66-78 12 May not fit if non standard engine substituted.


Economy drive belt for early Major/Professional 12 This is  the same size as MT.329 but is not cloth covered.


Economy drive belts for Major and Titan 68-78 with fuel tank at rear of engine 


12 Rubber cased belts, replace those listed above with the same numbers
Belt Type