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I do not sell spares to the US or Canada as US and Canadian owners can use the MacKissic dealer network for US made parts.

When ordering Instruction books, owners of the Professional model, please indicate on your order or by email if you want the Clinton instructions.

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Email us if you need a part not listed for Merry Tillers.

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357/10/59 1959 Operating Instructions and spare parts list. Suitable for  Merry Tiller Majors 1958-61. This book shows the Suffolk engined machine but is suitable for all C Types with round skids and the transport wheel assembly shown. Note. The mower referred to is the early cylinder type. 5
R.1080/2/61 1961 Operating Instructions and spare parts list. Suitable for Major/Professional  Merry Tillers 1961-66 with early handles. (Handles fixed by three small bolts on front of chaincase). 5
R.1080/1/70 1970 Operating Instructions and spare parts list, for Major/Professional. Suitable for machines with redesigned  handles 1966-78. Handles fixed by single bolt to brackets spot welded on chaincase. 5
R.2006/8/70 1970 Operating Instructions and spare parts list, for Titan (Suitable for Titans 66 to 78 without reverse)

Not for GT

R.2101/11/74 1974 Operating Instructions and spare parts list for Titan GT Suitable for GTs June 73 to 78 with 5hp engine. Earlier GTs, prior to serial number 137644, were identical except for the gearcase. I include a copy of the parts list for the early gearcase. 5
R2233/11/77 1978 Operating instructions and spares books. ( For AC 3414, 3424, 3444 & 3454 1978 - circa 83 with late type handles and steel belt guard). English version only. 5

L24271 1984 Operating Instructions and spare parts list, for Major, Super Major, Spartan, Centaur & Titan with plastic belt guard made by Webb and Atco. English version only. 5
L24257 Instruction and parts book for Late Cadet with adjustable handlebars.

Note Included is the parts book for early "fixed handlebars" 3hp Cadet or 3hp Webb Wizard, chose Wizard on ordering if you need this parts book.

Book required
L24247 Instructions and parts book for the Qualcast B66.

Note. Other Qualcast Cultimatic models do not use the Merry Tiller chassis.

ST1 Instructions and parts book for the US made Suburban Tiller imported by Allen and Westmac.

Note. These companies also imported other models.

R.2144/2/72 Instructions and parts book for the Twin-Six. Someone out there must have one. 5
270962 Briggs & Stratton workshop Manual.

Used, one copy only. This is the 1984 edition and covers side valve single cylinder engines up to that date. One page is loose and some annotation.

12 plus postage Ask for details
W27301 Titan Decal for "plastic belt guard" Titan, 1983 onwards. 5