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We do not sell spares to the US or Canada as US and Canadian owners can use the MacKissic dealer network for parts.

We do not sell Briggs & Stratton spares, you can get them from local agents or Gateshead Lawnmowers who have been mending Merry Tillers since the 1970s.

Email us if you need Merry Tiller parts not listed.

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Picture Part No. Description

Price each


Exhausts Click here for more information about exhausts.

Ten inch diameter transport wheels, replacements for the plastic centered Hughes Holomatics fitted from about 1970 to 73, but the same size as the steel ones fitted from 1961 to 70. Many post 73 machines used 9 inch wheels but these 10 inch ones can be used, as a pair, instead.

Not suitable for single wheel models Wizard/Cadet/B66.

Unavailable, we hope to have an alternative soon, but shape is more like the 8" shown below.

8 inch wheels for the 1958 to 61 Types A, B, C. They are a different shape to the originals. Many post 73 machines used 9 inch wheels but these 8 inch ones can be used, as a pair, instead.

Not suitable for single wheel models Wizard/Cadet/B66.

10, plus 1.75 extra postage due to weight.
MT.3168m Clamping nut for belt guard

These were used on all Majors, Professionals and Titans from 1964 to 1978 These replacements are M8 threaded instead of the 5/16" Whitworth of the originals so the bolt must also have an M8 thread. This is included but front fuel tank engined machines use a long coachbolt whereas rear tank machines use a short bolt so choose when ordering.
Bolt type
MT.3545 Handlebar locking plate. These were used on swiveling handlebar models made from 1965 to 1978. For some reason they seem to get lost. Please note that they swivel on a steel bush and are held in place with a large washer so these must still be there.

MT.338 Mid 1960s style handlebar grips for Early Major & Professional with 7/8 inch handlebars. Fits models with clutch cable threaded through handle tubing, except Wizard/Cadet.

Note. Will not fit post 1966 models as the tubing was changed to 1 inch diameter, fixed by a single mounting bolt to the chaincase.

7 a pair
MT.3294 Rubber handlebar grips for Merry Tillers with 1 inch handlebars. As near as I can get to those fitted from 1966 to 1978. Fits all models with clutch cable not threaded through handle tubing, and Wizard/Cadet.

Note. Will not fit pre 1966 models as the earlier tubing was 7/8 inch diameter, fixed by three small bolts to the chaincase.

7 a pair

W25522 Replacement Rotor Pins for all models with 1.25 inch rotor shafts. Major/Professional/Titan/Centaur & Spartan. Originally sold singly by Wolseley as MT.1024. These replacements are 10mm diameter and a tighter fit than the 3/8" originals so may not fit every accessory.

5 a pair

W25664 Cadet, Wizard & Qualcast B66 replacement Rotor Pins, for models with 25mm (1 inch) rotor shafts.  These are 8mm (5/16") diameter and were also used as the hitch pin on these models.

5 a pair

L12579 Qualcast Cultimatic (except B66) rotor pins. These are 3/8 inch diameter and were also used as rotor shaft pins for genuine Merry Tiller 12" wheels.

5 a pair

MT.2506 Hitch pin for attaching rear skid and transport wheels on all models up to 83 except C Type, Cadet and Wizard. Heavier chain than original, so less likely to loose the R clip. 5

W25489 Lynch pin for attaching transport wheel frame on all models 83 onwards except Cadet and Wizard. Complete with chain and split pin. 5
W25550 Spirol pin. This fits into the transport wheel arm and hooks into the chassis when the wheel is up on Wizards, Cadets etc. The early part number is EC.0070A. 1.50
EC.0006J Reproduction Rear Skid for 3hp Wizard/Early Cadet with 1" (25mm) rotor shafts. 1976 to 82. This skid is 10mm thick so not suitable for Wizard model 326.

Also available while stocks last, genuine new welded up skids used on later, adjustable handle Cadets & Qualcast B66. Same price Ask for details.


Postage is 10% + 3 extra due to weight

EC.0349J Reproduction Rear Skid for 5hp Wizard/Early Cadet with 1" (25mm) rotor shafts. 1976 to 82. Fits model 326. This skid is 15mm thick so will not fit 3hp models. 20

Postage is 10% + 3 extra due to weight

MT.2295 Reproduction Rear Skid for all models with 1.25" rotor shafts from 1961 to present.

Repro 25

Postage is 10% + 3 extra due to weight

MT.2621 Throttle cable for Major 58-68 (with front mounted fuel tank) & Professional

Please note some machines have non standard Bowden (control) levers fitted & special cables will be needed if the nipple is not the small  type shown.


EC.1430A1 Steel throttle lever & cable for all models with rear mounted fuel tanks except Wizard & Cadet. This is a "universal" assembly, but bares a striking resemblance to the one used on 1983 Merry Tillers. It is 60 inches long. Select alternative length if you need 50" cable (pre 1978 models used 50" cables) 10
Cable length
W25633 Throttle lever & cable for Wizard & Cadet. This is a "universal" assembly. Webb chose an unusual hole spacing for the lever mounting bolts, so EC.1430A1 is wrong, however universal cables with a single mounting hole can be used, I have a few of these in stock. 10 Email me if you are interested.

MT.154 Clutch cable Major/Professional 58-66 with early type handles (Cable threads through the tubing of the handle) 10
EC.0088A Clutch cable Wizard and early Cadet (Cable threads through the tubing of the handle) 10
MT.3982 1966-78 (1" dia handlebars) Major/Professional/Titan clutch cable. This cable has chain at top end for adjustment.  12
MT.152 Genuine Wolseley/Atco clutch spring used on all models 1959-83 plus all Cadets & Qualcast B66.


W25425 Good copy of forward clutch spring used on "plastic guard" models of Major/Super Major/Titan/Spartan/Centaur 1983 onwards. 10
W27174 Genuine reverse clutch spring used on "plastic guard" models of Super Major/Centaur 1983 onwards. 6
MT.3058 Clutch catch spring. This fits on the rivet used as a catch to keep the clutch engaged on all Merry Tillers produced between 1962 and 1983. If this is broken the clutch will stick in the engaged position, possibly with  disastrous results. They are a pig to fit but could save you from injury.  3
MT.3329 Rivet used as a catch to keep the clutch engaged on Merry Tillers with 7/8" dia handles. Slightly shorter than the one for 1" handles, but seems to work on them. 2
8 x 60 Rivet with R clip, used to fasten accessories which fit under the engine, like the load carrier, front toolbar, rotary mower, etc, on all Majors, Professionals and 78 to 83 Titans. Note, too short for early Titans and GTs, as they have a wider chassis. Nor for use with the sickle mowers, as these need to be bolted firmly to the chassis. 2.50
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